IBM & Ingenio AI

Currently Focused on
E2E ML Architecture
Top skills
  • Machine Learning & Computer Vision
  • ML Strategy Consulting
  • MLOps & ML Architecture
Main tools
  • TF/PyTorch
  • Kubernetes
  • VSCode
I'm a senior data scientist & managing consultant with a background in mechanical engineering. I graduated with a M.Sc. in computational engineering science from TU Berlin, where I focused on machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. My current interests lie in generative AI, reinforcement learning, and reasoning. During my studies, I joined the "Security Technologies" research group at Fraunhofer IPK, where I mainly focused on deep learning. I currently support SMBs to take their first steps in AI as a freelance advisor and help large enterprises in transforming their businesses using AI at IBM. I'm always open to interesting ideas, projects, and people. Feel free to contact me for a mind-blowing discussion over coffee or a world-changing idea that I can be part of!

Pro Bono ML Mentoring & Consulting

I love supporting talented individuals and disruptive organizations to reach their full potential. Whether you're a student, a newcomer to ML, a school, or an NGO. I can offer career mentoring, strategy consulting, and even hands-on implementation. All free of charge, no questions asked ;)

  • Status: in progress
  • ML
  • leadership
  • pro bono
$ 10K
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